Stephanie Humes

Retail, Merchandising, Event, Floral, and Bridal Consultant in Oklahoma City

I have more than a decade of retail/merchandising experience, more than a decade as a florist, and more than a decade as a certified bridal consultant in my background, with experience as a coordinator or just doing the flowers. I’ve served on boards in multiple business districts and helped put together events in those districts.

Currently, I’m building a retail gift shop from the ground up for the Myriad Botanical Gardens as their buyer and store manager. Previously, I’ve run a local retail store in the Plaza District for a couple years, as well as a shop in the Western Avenue District for a dozen years. I’ve also done retail pop-ups for my own online shop (, designed and managed events for my tent event company (, and have done wedding or floral consults on an as needed basis. I’ve even done a little interior decorating.

My combination of experiences gives me a keen eye for putting together unique and special events and displays, or that just right look for any room.

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Wedding flowers by Stephanie Humes (photography by AW Photography)